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Mobile Gaming Headset - Tech Zone

Armaggeddon Pulse 7 Mobile Gaming Headset


3.5mm Connector| Volume Controller | 6 Months Warranty

SKU: 411805 Categories: ,



    1. Durable, Adjustable Headband
    2. In-line Volume Controller
    3. Foldable Microphone


    1. Driver Diameter: 50mm
    2. Driver Frequency range: 20-20KHz
    3. Driver Impedance: 20 Ohm
    4. Driver Sensitivity: 120dB+/- 3dB
    5. Driver Output Power: 20mw
    6. Mic impedance: < 2.2K Ohm
    7. Mic Sensitivity: -42 +/- 3dB
    8. Mic Frequency Range: 20-~16KHz
    9. Mic Directivity: omnidirectional
    10. Ear Cushions: Vegan Leather
    11. Wire length: 2.2M +/- 3CM
    12. Chasis Materials: ABS + PP (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene + Polypropylene)
    13. Connector Type: USB + (2 x 3.5mm) Jack
    14. OS Requirement: WinXP / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
    15. Net weight: 280g
    16. Overall dimension: 205 x 222 x 87mm
    17. In-Line volume controller available.

6 Months Warranty

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